Aggie Moms Mission Statement

We, as board members of the Federation of Texas A&M University Mother’s Clubs, state that we will, to the best of our ability, be committed to work together as a team.  To be honest, open, resourceful, helpful, fun loving, and unified leaders.  We pledge to be mentors, friends, and facilitator with solidarity and to include and encompass each other and all Aggie Moms.

Kingwood/Humble Aggie Moms Board

Contact information for the members of the KHAM Board for 2016 – 2017 can be found below. 



 1st VP Membership

Dana Olejniczak Cell:  832-527-2590
Leesa Lakey Cell:  713-303-8863

 2nd VP Programs

Jacque Havelka Home:  281-361-8273
Cell:  832-754-5350

 3rd VP Boutique and Laser Graphics

Jamie Tisdale Home:  281-812-6989
Cell:  281-380-6628

 4th VP Special Events

Rika Weinrich Cell:  2816158703
Amanda Rossen Cell:  713-498-5965

5th VP Social

Raquel Chappell Home:  281-852-1783
Cell:  713-306-4100

 6th VP Scholarship and Philanthropy

Patty Burr Cell:  281-359-7417
Leslie Flickinger  Cell:  281-360-7996

 7th VP Goody Bags

Leaneta Eilers Cell:  832-654-0948
Donna Hunter Home:  832-445-0674
Cell:  713-213-6364

 8th VP Communications

Bannie Cockerham  Cell:  281-352-4780


Robin McCord  Cell:  832-647-0469


Jackie Martin Cell:  281-732-1461


Carol Hunt  Cell:  281-352-3365

 VP at Large

Lisa Lawrence  Cell:  281-229-0581


Bannie Cockerham (interim) Home:  281-359-4199
Cell:  281-352-4780


Gloria Ortiz Cell:  281-360-4184

 Student Activities

Open Cell: